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We have received some awesome feedback from Award recipients, Graduates and University Staff and Bulk Order customers.  Find out more about their comments and experiences here:
Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust Testimonials
Card 2 Past recipients of the Awards and Scholarships share what it has meant to them and their families to receive assistance from the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust.

"Dear Trustees, and all the people who have made it possible for me to study and live out my dreams..... I am incredibly grateful.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you - I don't mind public speaking :-) Thanks again I will work hard and keep up my recovery and service work" - Jess Hastings

" Just the other day I was thinking about the Elam grad show and how I would not have been able to make that work without the support of the Trust. Everything that has happened since has been because of that show so it really has been a life-changing gift that the Trust gave me:) That award was the boost I needed to get going. Thankyou very much, I am very grateful." - Amanda Gruenwald
"The Trust's postdoctoral award came at a crucial point in my early career, giving me the time and space to revise my doctoral work into a publishable article and book manuscript. That work in turn was vital to my success in being appointed to a lecturer position at a university in Australia shortly after my postdoc ended."  - Dr Susan Potter (Lecturer in Media and Communications | School of Arts
University of New England)

“The night I got this scholarship, I was so excited I ran upstairs to wake my parents to tell them! It was an unexpected gift. Just while I was feeling inadequate because I did not get into the course I wanted to, this award came. To me, it was the perfect thing at the perfect time. It wasn't just about the money (which of course made a big difference, especially after hearing I will be needing expensive equipment for Optometry next year), rather, it was an encouragement, a support. It was somebody telling me that it wasn't about me not being good enough but that there are many more opportunities out there, that I am young and if I am determined, the world is my oyster. I feel so incredibly grateful to the Kate Edger Trust, not only has this scholarship helped me immensely financially, but emotionally it was just the motivation and boost I needed to up my game and deliver my absolute best this year.” - Leilei Zhou

“The Kate Edger Awards have inspired me to be more motivated towards my career in Nursing. My journey has been challenging with having to apply for financial assistance from grants like Kate Edger which have supported me with books and stationery, also transport. Being a solo parent has been a struggle but I have the will and determination to overcome anything that comes my way. Im so grateful to have received this award and appreciate the help of Kate Edger Charitable Trust”. - Margaret Mitchell

“When I first decided to do the Tertiary Foundation programme at Auckland University my only goal was to make it through. To receive the Kate Edger Foundation award on top of completing my goal has been incredibly encouraging as it reaffirms feelings that I have done a good job with my studies and that I have the potential to do more. Thanks again” - Amanda Lowe

“Being awarded a scholarship from the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust not only helped me out financially, but it was just such a thrill to win it without even thinking about the funds.”

“I was so enormously grateful and i thought it was so lucky to have such a Trust available to people who are in difficult circumstances such as myself.” - Joanna Lewton

“Receiving the scholarship from the Trust has been invaluable to my children and I. It has taken the pressure off our day to day living, which is on a very tight budget, and helped to pay off some of our recent bills. By decreasing the financial stress, the scholarship has meant I can spend more time focusing on what really matters, my children and my studies” - Melissa Baker

“Receiving the Tressa Thomas Award is a great relief to me. It means that I can focus on my studies and put my energy into being my best as an academic student. I always strive to be the best I can be and now I can accomplish goals that have been lingering for far too long. When I was young and immature, I could not commit to the time and dedication that University demanded. I didn't have any financial support and my confidence was pretty low regarding education. Being awarded this honour gives me the confidence that I'm making the right choices by returning to school as a mature student. My course is challenging and difficult, but really rewarding.
University is hard enough. Having to pay back less student loan makes the graduation and the achievement of my Bachelor's degree that much less daunting.” - Amy Hewgill

“I have been studying full-time at the University of Auckland for two years now with this year being my third. I am a single mother of four children so we have had to make several sacrifices in order to make it possible for me to continue studying and hopefully graduate with a degree for career purposes. It has been difficult financially and so receiving the email from the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust to inform me that I am a recipient took a whole lot of stress off my mind so that I could concentrate more on studying and reaching that end goal of graduating. I was able to purchase myself a high-end all-in-one printer and pay for extra tutorials which was much needed support. I would like to thank the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust for giving me the opportunity to get the extra help I would not have been able to living on a limited income.” - Ana Kaufononga

“For me, It was like a burden had been Lifted. With all the bills that I have accumulated through out my years of study, it was a relief to be able to settle some of the debt I had accrued. It meant that I was able to pay off my bills and even get my son something too. It also gave me a sense of delight that all my hard work had paid off considering the amount of applicants ther3 were. Very Happy - Thank you Kate Edger Trust. :)" - Kathleen Tuhimata

“I was delighted to learn that I had been granted funding towards my studies. Like many other hardworking student nurses with dependent children, we rarely have money of our own. It was unreal to be able to purchase well needed materials that I had struggled without for so long.” - Ruth Mataroa

“The scholarship has been such a blessing to me as it has lessened my financial burden and given me an opportunity to be more determined to excel in my studies and complete my social work degree and I look forward to pursuing my goal of working in the community and making a difference in the lives of people once I graduate end of next year. Thank you again for the scholarship as it has allowed me to work less on my part time jobs and concentrate on my studies and I have been able to spend more time with my children too.” - Margaret Wambui

“Receiving the award helped me in so many ways to accomplish and complete this semester immensely. The award helped with all the necessary materials I needed to study including extra uniform that helped with my placements. As a single mother of four and on the benefit receiving this award reduced so much stress that comes with study financially. The materials and uniform will further benefit future studies and placements next semester especially now going into more practical training. I have yet to find out if I have successfully passed my exams however, confident that I have done well and will let Tessa know of my progress. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to receive the award that enhanced my ability to learn and achieve my goals for the semester. Thanks again” - Jada Johnson

"I am honoured to be the recipient of the Kate Edger Postgraduate Diploma Award Scholarship in 2012. I believe that I have the ability and passion to be successful in my studies towards a career in exercise physiology and in my long term pursuit of helping New Zealand’s next generation of World and Olympic athletes, so this award has been a great recognition of all my hard work at undergraduate level. Additionally, the transition to a new University and Post Graduate level this year has been a huge step and the financial assistance provided by the Trust has been a major contributing factor in ensuring that I am able to achieve the high academic results that I desire in my studies" -Katherine Prumm

"This years Optometry equipment was all together approximately $5500. Receiving $1000 from the Tressa Thomas Materials Award enabled me to buy the required equipment to qualify as an Optometrist with reduced financial stress. Receiving the award minimized the loan amount I had to borrow and helped me to concentrate on my studies with no associated financial stress. Therefore I greatly appreciate the award money and am very thankful for it." - Sujani Thrimawithana

“Receiving the Masters Degree Award from the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust meant that I could achieve my fullest potential, as due to this financial support I was able to undertake my Master of Arts, majoring in Development Studies. This scholarship has meant more than one could imagine to me and has enabled me to fulfil my dream of gaining a Masters, which sets a strong foundation for my future work. I am ever so grateful to the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust for giving me the opportunity to achieve the fullest of my potential and to be the best that I can be.” - Rachel Faleatua

“Being awarded a Kate Edger Scholarship has been a tremendous help in continuing my academic journey into postgraduate study. The award has relieved significant financial pressure and allowed me to wholeheartedly pursue my passions in studying clinical psychology. I really appreciate and respect the way the Kate Edger Trust has made such a substantial difference in financially assisting many women, like me, to follow their dreams and further their studies, so that we can then contribute back to the community in a significant way.” -Sarah Whitton
Academic Dress Hire Testimonials
Find out what Previous Graduates shared about their experience hiring regalia from the Team at Academic Dress Hire:

"I was in Perth Australia trying to organise my regalia from there and new I would not be back in time to make changes. So I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't fit, but it fit perfectly and the instruction that you sent where easy to follow, so thank you for helping to make my graduation an memorable moment, kind regards Terri"

"Thank you so much guys for giving us clean, proper fitting and almost new looking regalia, thank you for making our graduation so enjoyable. Regards, Sohaib"
"Thank you for your reply... I really appreciate your prompt contact...Your service is the best available, Regards, Lenore"

"Thank you so much for the friendly customer service from all your staff there at Academic Dress Hire. Usually it's a stressful time but this has been a wonderful experience especially when the staff make it so relaxing and fun.
Fa'afetai lava!"

"Good Morning Academic Dress Hire Team, I just wanted to thank you all for your major contribution into my Graduation. Without your awesome Regalia I would have never been approved to walk across that stage and receive my Degree in honour"
It was a successful event. So overwhelming to have my family support me and sit in the audience amongst the many proud viewers.  Last but not least I want to thank each of your team from the head of the organisation to the humble faithful workers behind the scene.  My regalia is on it’s way this afternoon for returning. Have a blessed day team and abundance of blessings to you all and your loved ones. Regards  K. Rasmussen"

"Thanks so much! I also wanted to say a special thanks to the lovely office ladies who were there when I picked up my regalia. I realise this is your job, but picking the gown and hat up was part of achieving a dream for me and the ladies were understanding and congratulating of that. They happily participated in the experience, thanks so much. Have a good day, Sherryl"

"Dear team! Thanks very much for the service. Everything went very well on the day. Kind regards and God bless.

"What a beautiful gown and hat you lent me.  Thank you so much for helping make my graduation such a special day".

"Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all your help with purchasing our Korowai.  My father called me and he said he had tears in his eyes when he opened the parcel.  He said it is a Korowai to be proud of and our ancestors would heartily approve.  So thank you for your assistance with this it was much appreciated."

"Thanks to you as well for making me look gorgeous on Friday-i had the best day ever and wore my regalia for the whole day-felt very proud."

Thank you also for letting me come in a week earlier and trying on the gown/trencher etc for size. Mum and dad picked everything up for me and it was all perfect :)" C.Appleby

"Hello, just wanted to say thanks so much for the confirmation email.  It's an example of really valuable customer service - just like the warm service we received when we came in to have our regalia fitted.  You guys do a great job!  Smiles from Esther"

"Thank you so much for all of the help I received in relation to hiring my regalia.  The staff were wonderful to deal with, efficient and helpful- made it a very easy process when I was very nervous about my day!  Luckily it was an amazing day, got some lovely family photos in my regalia so thank you once again! "
"Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. My graduation was indeed an exceptional amazing day".

"Service was great my hoods LLB/BA were like new- better than the one's others wore from a rival regalia place that looked faded and silver rather than baby blue -for the LLB hood."

"I graduated two years ago as well, good improvement in all aspects since then :-)"

"Excellent service overall, thank you so much"!

"It was truly one of the better experiences I had in hiring things. I finished my Bachelors degree abroad so I was not very familiar with regalia but your website was very helpful. I graduated with merit and I certainly looked the part because of a very good quality regalia. Thank you".

You guys rock!"

"Great you are trying to improve on perfect :)"

"GO GRADSQUAD!!  Keep up the good work!"

"I would like to thank you all for your wonderful service. There was absolutely no confusion at all as to what was needed or required. Staff were amazing, helpful and friendly which really did make the experience and joy of graduating that much more special. Thank you!! "

"Lining up to get regalia, the hood and lastly trencher I felt was excellent, a good order to follow and it made me feel excited for my graduation. Thank you :) "

"Not much to say, your services was really good and had no problems thanks to all staff for making it easy for me to get my gown. keep up the good work."

"One of the most organised experience in NZ! Thanks very much. I had a fab graduation!!"

"I was really pleased with your service. I must say that you have some great staff working for you, very pleasant people."Y

"You guys have been great. Had no issues at all. Best service I have received ever with least amount of effort. All completed online which was straight forward."

"Wonderful service, quick and easy to deal with"

"Everything went very smoothly, thank you so much!!"

"It was an excellent experience and very efficient"

"You guys did really well. thanks!"

"Really friendly, positive staff"

"Great being able to leave it at end of ceremony although time got tight. Very accomodating for out of towners. Cheers and thanks"

"I was very impressed with the service, thank you. The only suggestion is perhaps to provide information on the website regarding the rules/options for wearing regalia from previous degrees. The email response from staff however, was prompt and helpful."

"The service made it so quick and easy".
Corporates, School and Staff Orders

We provide a hassle free delivery of premium regalia to Faculty Staff, Corporate Clients and Schools nationwide. Here's what they had to say about our Bulk Order delivery service:

I appreciate your prompt attention and would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone. Well done.

Thanks very much for all your help with this, our evening was very successful, and everyone looked their part.

Thanks very much for your delivery. And especially thanks for having the gowns labelled, extremely helpful

Thanks for having the order all ready to go yesterday - super efficient!

I would like to take this opportunity again to thank you and the staff at Academic Dress Hire for the wonderful service and support you provide. At a very busy time for us, it is reassuring to know that we can rely on receiving the gowns already sorted and labelled, which is much appreciated.

WOW! regalia arrived already. Thank you so very much for the superfast service.

At our end, the academic dress hire was very stress free and I would like to thank you and your staff for all of your help.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service. I was not expecting the gowns to arrive all named and pre-sorted, which was a huge help on the day and very much appreciated.


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