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Awards FAQs

Awards – Frequently Asked Questions.
How do I obtain an application form?
Application forms and conditions are available on the website by clicking here
Am I eligible for an award?
The conditions for each award are listed on the website. To read the criteria please download the award application you are applying for. Page 1 of each application form contains detailed criteria for each award which you can use to determine if you meet our eligibility criteria.
Do you have awards for part-time study?
No. All awards can only be held by full-time students.

Are your awards open to Australian citizens?
Our awards are only open to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. Australian citizens are more easily eligible for permanent residency than many other immigrants to New Zealand, but they need to have attained permanent residency by applying through Immigration New Zealand and be able to demonstrate evidence of this in order to be eligible for our awards, regardless of the length of time of their residency in New Zealand.

Are your awards open to New Zealand residents?
Our awards are only available for New Zealand citizens and New Zealand Permanent Residents. A residency visa is not enough: you must have a permanent residency visa to be eligible. You can tell the difference between the two because they are labelled as 'Resident Visa' vs. 'Permanent Resident Visa', and Resident Visas have an expiry date listed on the left-hand column, after which time you cannot reenter New Zealand without reapplying for a visa. Permanent residents can leave and return from New Zealand at any time without restriction (their visas do not expire).
What is a Foundation Course?
It is a special full time course taken to gain entry into degree or diploma study. It is taken for one year and totals 120 points.
What is meant by the New Start Course?
It is a special course at the University of Auckland which offers preparation for university study. Details can be found on the University of Auckland website under 'New Start Programmes'.
What is meant by Retraining Awards?
These awards are specifically for women who have no formal qualifications and who wish to gain a diploma or degree in order to improve employment prospects. They can also be made if women need to retrain as a result of redundancy or time out of the work force.
Can I apply for a second award?
If you have already gained an award you will not be eligible for a second one in that category as we like to help as many women as possible. If you have been unsuccessful you may apply again. You can also apply for a different award, even if you have been successful in one category before.
Why do I need to use the Statutory Declaration?
The Statutory Declaration certifies that everything in your application is true and correct. It is especially important in enabling applicants to submit their unofficial transcripts in support of their applications. If you are unable to get official results on time you can submit a copy of your unofficial transcript which you have accessed from your institute's online service. The Statutory Declaration certifies that, among other things, this has not be doctored in any way. A JP (Justice of the Peace) must sign this form and certify the copy of the unofficial transcript.
Can I include extra material with my application?
As there are a number of applications to consider for each award please do not include a lot of extra material.
Do you accept late applications?
We only consider applications received by the closing date so ensure you email, post or hand deliver your application to reach our office on time.
Can I deliver by application by hand?
You can during office hours to the address on the application form. Please enclose your application in an envelope and hand deliver to The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust C/- Academic Dress Hire, 17 George Street, Newmarket, Auckland between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Will my application be acknowledged?
All applications are acknowledged within 2-3 days after the closing date.
Will I be notified of the result of my application?
All applicants, whether successful or unsuccessful, are notified of the result of their application.
When will I hear?
Usually it takes 3-6 weeks for the Selection Panels to decide, following the closing date for applications.

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