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Court Appearances

A bond applies to all orders.  The amount payable is based on how many items are included in your order. Your bond will be fully refunded on return of your regalia on time and in good condition.

Note: For items not required, please remove from shopping cart.

Ceremony Date and Time

Please "Add a Message" in the "Customer Details" page and tell us the date, time and location of your Ceremony.

Add Hood

Enter qualification here and we will put in the appropriate regalia. Cost $21.00
Legal Wig

Legal Wig

Measure your head circumference in centimetres just above the ears and select size from the list on the right
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Hire Legal Bib

Hire Legal Bib

Legal Gown

Legal Gown

Please select your height range from the list on the right, we will double check sizes when you collect regalia
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Bond for Legal

Bond for Legal

Choose the correct bond from the drop down list on the right
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Courier Delivery and/or Return - Optional

Courier Delivery and/or Return - Optional

Choose your courier service from the list on the right
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Prepaid Returns
Donation- Optional

Donation- Optional

Giving the Gift of Education. All proceeds promote, advance and encourage education through the Kate Edger Trust. Many thanks for your support!

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