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Tudor Bonnets

PhD and Higher Doctoral recipients wear a Tudor bonnet.

These come in three multi-fit sizes, Small, Medium and Large and the Bonnet should sit comfortably just above the ears.

The bonnets are puffed at the top instead of flat are made of soft, durable velvet fabric, and come with a gold tassel.

Bonnets are available for hire or you can buy one to keep as a souvenir of graduation.
Bonnet 2

These are stiff shaped hats with a flat board on the top and a tassel. Trenchers are always black.

The tassel colour varies according to institution.

For AUT -Bachelor Degree tassel is black while Masters Degree tassel is bone coloured.

For MIT - Bachelor degree tassel is jade coloured, Masters Degree tassel is black.

The trencher is worn with the shorter peak to the front and the tassel should be over the left eye. The hat should sit comfortably so that it isn’t slipping.

Trenchers are available for hire or you can buy one to keep as a souvenir of graduation.
Trencher 1

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