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Cost to hire or buy Regalia

The prices below are a general guide as each institution has slightly different regalia sets and different colour trims and styles of Degree Hoods, Stoles/Scarves and Tassels. 
Cost to Hire regalia
Certificate Undergraduate Gown  $38.00
Diploma  Undergraduate Gown and Scarf/Stole $59.00
Bachelor Degree  Bachelor Gown, Hood, Trencher $80.00 
Graduate Diploma/Certificate - No Previous Degree 

Graduate Diploma/Certificate - Previous Degree 
No Previous Degree - Gown, Scarf/Stole

Previous Degree - Gown, Scarf/Stole, Hood, Trencher

Post Grad Diploma/Certificate - No Previous Degree

Post Grad Diploma/Certificate - Previous Degree
No Previous - Gown, Scarf/Stole

Previous Degree - Gown, Scarf/Stole, Hood, Trencher

Masters Degree Masters Gown, Hood, Trencher $80.00 
PhD  PhD Gown, Hood, Bonnet ** $80.00
Doctoral Degree  Masters Gown, Dr Fronts & Hood, Bonnet $80.00

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Cost to Buy Regalia
Bachelor Gown $270.00
Masters Gown $270.00
PhD Gown with Coloured Fronts $340.00
Doctoral Gowns with Coloured Facings $340.00
PhD Fronts $70.00
PhD/Doctoral Hood $80.00
Bonnet $90.00
Trencher $70.00
Bachelor Degree Hood  $90.00
Masters Degree Hood  $90.00
Diploma Stole  $90.00
Bachelor Degree Set (Hood, Gown, Trencher) $430.00
Masters Degree Set (Hood, Gown, Trencher) $430.00
PhD Set (Hood, Gown, Bonnet, PhD fronts) $510.00
Doctoral Set (Gown, Hood, Fronts, Bonnet) $510.00
Kindy Set $130.00

If you have something special in mind, please call us to discuss your options on 09 3581044.

For personal fittings, please come to 17 George Street, Newmarket (off Carlton Gore Road) or please contact us to make other arrangements.

If you wish to purchase a degree hood or diploma stole, please notify us as soon as possible.  A $50.00 deposit is required.  Generally a hood or stole can be made within 5 working days once the deposit or full payment has been received.  We will call you when your order is ready to collect.

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