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Bachelor Degree

Masters Hood - AUT
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Applied Science Applied Science  
BAppSc AUT App Sci - BAppSci Black w Cornflower Blue lining  001
MAppSc AUT App Sci - MAppSci Black w Cornflower Blue lining 101
Arts Arts  
BA AUT Arts - BA Black w Red lining 002
MA  AUT Arts - MA Black w Red lining 102
BArtDes AUT Arts - BArtDes Black w Red lining 002
MArtDes AUT Arts - MArtDes Black w Red lining 102
Business Business  
BBus AUT Bus - BBus Black w Green lining 003
MBus  AUT Bus - MBus  Black w Green lining 103
MBA AUT Bus - MBA Black w Mid-Green lining 104
Communication Studies Communication Studies  
BCS AUT Comm - BCS Black w Gold lining 005
MCS AUT Comm - MCS Black w Gold lining 105
Computer and Information Sciences Computer and Information Sciences  
BCIS AUT Comm - BCIS Black w Light Green lining 006
MCIS AUT Comm - MCIS Black w Light Green lining 106
Conjoint Conjoint  
Conjoint AUT Con - Conjoint Black w Burgundy lining 015
Dance Dance  
BDance AUT Dance - BDance Black w Sapphire lining 007
MDance AUT Dance - MDance Black w Sapphire lining 107
Education Education  
BEd AUT Ed - BEd Black w Fuchsia lining 008
MEd AUT Ed - MEd Black w Fuchsia lining 108
Engineering Engineering   
BEng AUT Eng - BEng  Black w Yellow lining 009
MEng AUT Eng - MEng Black w Yellow lining 109
Health & Sciences Health & Sciences  
BHSc Aut HSc - BHSc Black w Blue lining 010
MHSc Aut HSc - MHsc Black w Blue lining 110
International Hospitality International Hospitality  
BIntlHosp AUT Int Hosp - BIntlHosp Black w Burnt Orange lining 011
MIntlHospMgt AUT Int Hosp - MIntHospMgt Black w Burnt Orange lining 111
Mathematical Sciences Mathematical Sciences  
BMSc AUT Math - BMSc Black w Neon Pink lining 016
Maori Development Maori Development  
BMDev AUT MDev - BMDev Black w Purple lining 012
Medical Laboratory Science Medical Laboratory Science  
BMLS AUT Med Lab - BMLS Black w Light Blue lining 013
Sport and Recreation Sport and Recreation  
BSR AUT Sport - BSR Black w Deep Royal Blue lining 014
MSR AUT Sport - MSR  
Design & Technology Design & Technology  
BDT AUT Des Tech - BDT Black w Red lining 002
MDT AUT Des Tech - MDT Black w Red lining 102
Philosphy Philosophy  
BPhil AUT Phil - BPhil  
MPhil AUT Phil - MPhil Black w Burgundy lining 115
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Masters Hood - AUT

Masters Hood - AUT

Please choose your degree hood from the list on the right
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AUT Masters Trencher with Bone Tassel

AUT Masters Trencher with Bone Tassel

This trencher has a bone coloured tassel to meet AUT regulations for Masters degree
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Gown - Masters

Gown - Masters

Please select your height range from the list on the right, we will double check sizes when you collect regalia
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Hood Pin - Optional

Hood Pin - Optional

Helps secure hood to gown. (we suggest 2 - one on each side). Keep as a memento.
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Deliver and or Return Regalia by Courier Optional

Deliver and or Return Regalia by Courier Optional

DELIVERY - Now closed for all UoA students. For all other graduations please order minimum 5 working days before graduation date. RETURN - Courier picks up from your home or office. Note: Urgent courier available at additional cost.
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