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Bachelor Degree

Masters Hood - Unitec
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Applied Science Applied Science  
BAppSci (Animal Manage or Biodiversity) Unitec - BAppSci   Black w Cardinal lining
BAppSci (Human Bio) Unitec - BAppSci Black w Jade lining
BAppAn (Animal Tech) Unitec - BAppSci Black w Loden lining
MOst Unitec - MOst Green w ribbon Jade lining
Applied Technology Applied Technology  
BAppTech   Unitec - BAppTch Black w Gold lining
Architectural Studies Architectural Studies  
BArch Unitec - BArch Black w White lining
BArchStds Unitec - BArchStds Black w Steel lining
March/MArchProf Unitec - MArchMArchProf Green w ribbon White lining
Arts Arts  
BArts Unitec Arts - BArts Black w Royal Blue lining
Business Business  
BBus Unitec Bus - BBus  Black w Hot Pink lining
MBus Unitec Bus - MBus  Green w ribbon Hot Pink lining
Communications Communications  
BCommunication Unitec Comms - BCom  Black w Citrus lining
MIntCom Unitec Comms - MIntCom Green w ribbon Citrus lining
Computing & Computer Systems Computing & Computer Systems  
BCompSyst Unitec Comp - BCompSyst Black w New Coral lining
MComp  Unitec Comp - MComp Green w ribbon New Coral lining
Doctorate Comp  Unitec Comp - DocComp Green w New Coral lining
Construction Construction  
BConstruction Unitec Const - BConstruction Black w Burgundy lining
Design Design  
BDes Unitec Des - BDes Black w Cobalt Blue lining
MDes Unitec Des - MDes Green w ribbon Cobalt Blue lining
Design and Visual Arts Design and Visual Arts  
BDes&Visual Arts Unitec Des Vis - BDV Black w Bright Pink lining
Design Management Design Management  
BDesMngmt Unitec - BDesMngmt Black w Slate lining
MDesMngmt Unitec - MDesMngmt Green w ribbon Slate lining
Education Education  
BEd Unitec Ed - BEd Black w Lilac lining
MEd Unitec Ed - MEd Green w ribbon Lilac lining
PhDEducation Unitec Ed - PhDEd Green w Lilac lining
Education Management Education Management  
BEdLdrMngmt Unitec EdMnt - BEdLM Black w Maize lining
MEdLdr Unitec EdMnt - MEdLdrM Green w ribbon Maize lining
Engineering Engineering  
BEng Unitec Eng - BEng (Enviro) Black w Irish Green lining
Engineering Technology Engineering Technology  
BEngTech Unitec EngTch - BEngTech Black w Mandarin lining
Health Science Health Science  
BHSc Unitec HSc- BHSc (Med Im) Black w Turquoise lining
MHSc Unitec HSc - MHSc Green w ribbon Turquoise lining
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Innovation & Entrepreneurship  
MBusInvEnt Unitec InvEnt - MBIE Green w ribbon Plum lining
Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture  
BLArch Unitec Land  - BLArch Black w Violet lining
MLandArch Unitec Land - MLArch Green w ribbon Violet lining
Nursing Nursing  
BNurs Unitec Nurs - BNurs Black w Purple lining
Performing & Screen Arts Performing & Screen Arts  
BPerfArts Unitec Perf Arts - BPA  Black w Cherry Red lining
Product Design Product Design  
BProdDes Unitec Prod Design - BProdDes Black w Bordeaux lining
Resource Management Resource Management  
BResMng Unitec Res Mnt - BResMng Black w Rustic lining
Social Practice Social Practice  
BSP Unitec Soc Prac - BSP Black w Tango lining
MSP Unitec Soc Prac - MSP Green w ribbon Tango lining
Sport Sport  
BSport Unitec Sport - BSport Black w Bright Blue lining
Teaching (Early Childhood Education) Teaching (Early Childhood Education)  
BTeach (ECE) Unitec Tch- BTeach (ECE) Black w Guardsman Red lining
MCP Unitec MCreativePractice Green w Cherry Red
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Masters Hood - Unitec

Masters Hood - Unitec

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